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December 18, 2019

Our process

Dry timber

Pneumatic system primarily used to dry products requiring the removal of free moisture, it uses heat from the airstream, the materials dries as it is conveyed.

We have integrated the perfect blend of design excellence, pre workmanship and technology allowing us to set the standard for exceptional quality of timber that are as inherently energy efficient and environmentally friendly as they are strong and beautiful.

At M-baw-o, we are dedicated to the creation of timber which reflects our clients’ individual tests and ideas.

Our wide range of timber products symbolize the fusion of old and new, they offer modern furnished living spaces, kitchen doors & high ceilings that promote natural leaving.


M-baw-o’s door collection boasts a variety of high-grade wood species, precision make; using vertical styles and horizontal rails in your choice of panels and glass; ready to stain or paint.

The door parts naturally contract and expand with ambient humidity changes without warping and bending.

This is a significant improvement in door manufacturing that involves routing out or stamping a solid piece of wood that is prone to warping.

M-baw-o’s Door collection uses specially engineered wood materials to enhance structural and environmental performance.

Internal doors

MDF, refers to medium-density fiberboard, which is a manufactured wood product composed of wood fibers that are mixed with resin and wax pressed into flat panels under high temperature and pressure.

It is used much like plywood as a building material.

Unlike particle board, with which it is sometimes confused, MDF cuts well and has a smooth surface that is ideal for painting.

The word MDF has become a generic name for any dry process fiber board.

Density of the board when evaluated in relation to density of fiber that goes into making the panel important.

A thick MDF panel at 700-720 density in case of softwood fiber panels may be considered as high density whereas a panel of same density when made of hardwood is not so.

The evolution of various types of different MDF was driven by differing needs of specific applications.

Melamine, is a particle board with hard thin coating on both sides.

The melamine sheet is a durable, hard, slightly brittle, rugged, wear resistant material that can be pigmented, colored and printed into a host of different colors and decorations, etc.

Veneer doors, look rich and lustrous to which M-baw-o adds a protective coat, this adds durability and seals the six sides.

Clear coated doors lend a unique European flair to painted jambs and casings, an aesthetic look that works well with traditional or modern décor.

HPL, is made of resin impregnated cellulose layers, which are consolidated under heat and high pressure.

The various layers are described below: overlay paper, which serves to improve the abrasion, scratch and heat-resistance.

M-baw-o door systems are the brand that most builders and remodelers prefer.

Every line of doors we offer comes with a package of performance that is unrivaled in the market.

With an internal door from M-baw-o, not only will you see an increase in comfort, energy efficiency and performance, you will also see an increase in curb appeal.

In fact, you can increase the perceived value of your home just by adding an M-baw-o entry door.

External Doors

Whether as a main entrance to your garden our range of single front and back doors will delight you every time you enter or leave your home.


Each wooden flooring carries this outstanding reassurance of our confidence that you will not find a better value product anywhere on the market.

You satisfaction depends on our care and attention to detail, such as the careful selection of the trees before they are felled and the way in which the timber is sawn, stacked and dried.

The tradition and timeless appeal of a solid wood floor will enhance the appearance of an interior and endure for generations.

Each board is precision machined from a single piece of timber and typically finished with a robust tongue and groove joint on all sides.


M-baw-o specialized kitchens.

Our name says it all, and every kitchen is custom made to suit your unique style and budget.

Our kitchens come with cabinet hardware, whether you prefer timber, melamine or laminate, we have a large variety of colors, handles and cabinet hardware to suit all your creative ideas. It’s just a matter of creativity and choice. Your ideas along with our stunning design concepts and attention to detail will allow us to create your dream kitchen.

A kitchen is more than a set of cupboards and drawers- it’s the heart of your home, So we think it makes sense to dream big. Whether its floor to ceiling, kitchen cabinets or endless stretches of worktop. That’s why we make sure out kitchens and appliances are affordable and why we offer lots of help along the way –from planning it to putting it all together at home because with M-baw-o kitchens, anything is possible. And aren’t dreams more fun?


Beds come in all styles, shapes and sizes, so how do you design your own?

We’ve got your bedroom decorating inspirations here, with a variety of styles to choose from, there is an idea for everyone.