– With over 11+ Years of experience​


Number one joinery company in Uganda.

Number one joinery company in Uganda.

Leading Furniture Manufacturer in Uganda

M-baw-O Timberworks is committed to manufacturing quality joinery works by only using DRY hardwood timber. This combined with imported components such as laminated sheets (Veneers, HPL, and Acrylics), gives M-baw-O its unique designs and ensures its quality.

Mbawo Timberworks produces different types of timber on an international scale, with clients that stretch over the whole of East Arica.

Mbawo’s team has designed and modeled for many luminaries both political and corporate circles. Attention to detail and total commitment to customer satisfaction has allowed Mbawo Timberworks to divide its strengths into two areas: supply of dry timber & execution of fit-out works.



To create uniquely designed high-quality furniture, joinery, and carpentry work in East Africa.

Core values:

Customer-focused:make a positive difference in our customers' lives. Employee recognition

Works Underway (Inside Our Factory)
Our Services

M-baw-O Timberworks has the capacity and the experience to do the following:

Complete fit-outs

❑ Hotels
❑ Apartments
❑ Houses
❑ Bars


Customized Furniture

❑ Beds
❑ Desks
❑ Chairs
❑ Sofa


Individual components

❑ Exterior Doors
❑ Interior Doors
❑ Kitchens
❑ Wardrobes
❑ Windows


Our Mission

Making your vision a reality is our mission and even though machinery and software have developed to make our job easier, we still choose to go about it the old school way using techniques steeped in tradition.
That’s what makes MBABWO Timber Works unique.

Our Vision

Well, that and our ability to work from scratch. Even if your idea is something still floating around in your mind, we pride ourselves as being visionaries.
We develop custom works that we’re sure will exceed your expectations.
Our clients tell us, we just get it.

With over 11+ Years experience


JOINERY WORKS- We cover the broad spectrum of all joinery works including doors, wardrobes, flooring, kitchens, moldings stairs, and much more.

INSTALLATION- We have a specialized dedicated team that will take care of all installation challenges.

FURNITURE- We can design and hand-make any type of wooden furniture.

TIMBER SALES- We have a variety of timber species, in both hard and soft woods, that is thoroughly dried to industry standards.

Since we build many completed homes each year, we have dozens of homes to offer as examples of our work.

Built with Technical Capacity


Over the past 11 years, we have built technical capacity in all of our employees.

PRODUCTION UNIT – At our factory, located 1 hour outside Kampala, we employ over 50 employees. We have technical employees who specialize in: curing timber, design, hardwood furniture, painting and staining, and uses of wood alternatives.

SHOWROOM- In our showroom, located in Kampala Industrial Area. We are staffed with quantity surveyors, design experts, engineers, architects, project managers, and other employees to make your experience seamless.

The work starts in the minds of our clients and is met by phone, email, or an in-person meeting then the drafters who create and design renderings, floor plans, and drawings for our customers.

Most Recent


Whether you’re in the process of building a new home, hoping to add a little spice to an already existing structure or seeking design expertise on a vision you have in your mind, we can build it.

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